Sunday, 8 July 2018

QB Back from hols.

2 weeks in Isles of Scilly -travel by rail NE to SW virtually impossible!
During the holiday QB realised that the temps. were too high for bees to have insulation and varroa trays on WBC hives.  Very kind Bee Buddy removed all.  What a relief! In previous hot Summers (very, very rare)
some colonies have come out for some fresh air - they do go back in in the cool of the evening, but not before they've given QB a "heart attack" thinking they are swarming!
Before leaving for the holiday I did all I could think of to prevent swarming.
Isn't it amazing that all 5 colonies + nuc. could be so different?
Anyway, I'll tell you about Silver Hive before I go to the apiary to see what else the little Buzzers have been up to.
15th June Silver hive - Q cells, no eggs, couldn't find Q (marked white).
- kept best 2 not-capped cells.
- set up nuc. with these and 3 combs of brood with nurse bees.
- 2 combs nectar/honey.  Put on a new site facing different direction.
- closed entrance with dried grass.

Did Shook Swarm with remainder on original site with fresh foundation
and feeder. Hoped (White) Q was with them - gave frame eggs/ larvae from Yellow 'H' colony in case she wasn't.

OUTCOME : Nuc. eggs - Q running out of laying space.
                     : Original colony - lots of lovely eggs and brood.

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