Friday, 21 November 2014

Using that precious wax - Pt. 2

Carefully roll candle out of mould after leaving to set.

The last photo. shows some of the various candles which QB has made for "The Hearth" Winter Fair on Sat. and Sun. 22nd and 23Nov.                                                                                                         
These are the beeswax blocks.  It's surprising
how many uses there are for plain beeswax!
Beeswax candles burn without smoke and drips.
The scent is very reminiscent of those summer hives! Add caption
Next blog QB 'll be making furniture polish - yet  another use for this amazing natural material. I'll buzz off now - see you at The Hearth. QB

Using that precious beeswax - Pt.1

I found out the other day that honey bees need to consume 2kg honey to make 60g wax. About 1 table-candle.
In old money that is 1lb to make 1oz.!! So, from now on QB will be saving every little flake.
I've been v. busy purifying wax and moulding and rolling candles.  Here's what I did.
These are silicon mouls - expensive but long- lasting.
The wick is threaded through fom the bottom and
Held tight with 2 sticks (cocktail - fine!)
and rubber bands.Add caption

I save tins from B. beans/dog food - any that are watertight.
Boil water in that old pan. Put broken pieces of wax
in the tins and squeeze tin rim to make a pouring lip. Put tins
in water - wax will melt at 65C


Once the wax is liquid it can be poured into the moulds. Pic. at top shows plain (no wicks) moulds for beeswax blocks.
Bottom pic. shows candle moulds filled to the top.  If the wax shrinks as it sets I top it up again.
Once cold (takes a few hours) the candles can be taken out of the moulds.                                             
Episode 2 to follow - gets even more exciting!!!!!
QB  ran out of space on blogpage.