Friday, 19 April 2013

Taking a quick look

Warm day - calm - sunny.  All hives buzzing so I decided to
lift each roof to assess what was going on.
Blue and Red have some candy left from early Spring feeding.
Yellow and Silver have very small amount.  Keep an eye on these.
All colonies bringing in pollen from daffs., pansies, pushkinia and some willow.  This tells me that all 4 Queen bees have started laying as the worker bees need pollen to make bee-bread to feed the young.
Hopefully the honey bees can get building up their colonies now - if this weather holds.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

White washing goes brown!

Queen bee's 4 families emerged on Saturday 13th April.
Hot day, bright and sunny so we  all decided to venture out
and what better place to to deposit our first "Poohs" of 2013
than on Queen Bee's pristine white washing gently flapping dry in the summer breeze?
We love to sip water from the big cotton sheets first though.
Back inside now - pretending the thousands of brown splodges weren't anything to
do with us!
Temp. today 13C wind speed 30mph.  Little honey bees get exhausted battling
against it and anyway there's not much forage at the moment.
Yes! Spring is late again - unless that was it on Saturday!
Next blog soon QB