Wednesday, 12 March 2014

HBKA Quiz the 'Experts'

The HBKA meeting last night was very well attended.
I was seated between Brian Ripley and Dorian Pritchard.  Yes, "a rose between two thorns" you might say!
There were 8 questions from the members - all of which promoted a great deal of discussion. ... And, as you might expect, there was a lot of difference of opinions between we panel members!
Well, it's another lovely day here in Upper Redesdale so I'm off out into the garden to plant some seed potatoes and enjoy the contented buzzing of the honeybees.
They like to collect moisture from the bark chipping paths in my vegetable garden.
Sorry, no pics.  I'll be back soon.
Bzzzzzzzzzzzz  QB.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring cleaning

March 9th and the bees are very busy. Temperature around 12C/ sunny/ no wind.  Perfect for the first forage and springclean.

Red, Blue, Yellow and White are all fantastically busy, cleaning out the winter rubbish and collecting pollen.  This tells me the queens must have started laying eggs - a good sign.  However, Spring is not quite here yet so we must still keep an eye on the feed situation.  White hive has a young (red) queen so I have given them a slab of Nektapol (has pollen and candy).  I am hoping this colony will be the strongest to take to the heather in August.
Spring flowers have attracted the bees. Crocus is a rich source of pollen.
Miniature daffodils aren't quite as attractive, but I have seen one or two bees having a go!
HBKA meeting on 11th March.
QB will be there doing her best to answer members' questions!