Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sunny Sunday - time to plan for a bee-friendly garden

Today we've been moving snowdrops into a bank where we can see them - from their hidden places in the woodland.
Honeybees like snowdrops, crocuses, winter aconites and mahonia  - all in flower in my garden now and for the rest of February.
The normal "bee barometer" is Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguinium) which flowers in March and April. When this is in flower and producing masses of nectar the bees are usually out in force and the temperatures are about right for the first inspection. This far North this is usually late April but each year is different.
Borage is best (Annual)
It's worth remembering That many flowers replenish their nectar daily in good weather.  Borage does this.
Eryngium flowers in July and goes on for months.
The bees love it.(Perennial)
 I'm sowing the annuals indoors at the end of Feb. There is no doubt Borage is the bees' favourite.

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