Monday, 14 August 2017

After Broadband Prob. Fixed - Q. Bee is back!!!

Sorry for long absence. I guess this is one of the (not) joys of living in an isolated spot!  Anyway, thanks to the wonderful Alan my Bb speed is now scary.
I'll fill in the missing excitement later and just tell you about now.
On August 7th we took 1 hive ( Red colony with Blue Q. still laying well!)
to a nearby heather moor.  I had transferred the bees, a huge colony, to a Polyhive. WBC is hopelessly tricky to move intact. The Polyhive is National size, so takes the British Standard frames but you need more -
about 11 instead of 10.(Pics later)
We went to Acton Scott (Edwardian) Farm while on holiday in Shropshire.
Shire horses do the work - this is King Bee giving Charlie some Polo Mints.

....and Mary in the Dairy making butter.


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