Saturday, 8 July 2017

2 Sorts of Nucs.

Red Hive has a V.V. good queen.  Bred in Alnwick Apiary in 2015, marked blue, she is the best Q I have ever lived with. Her colony is well-behaved, calm, not at all stingey!  They did produce a q. cell which I put in a Polnuc.
I added some capped brood and some pollen and honey with 3 undrawn foundation. Last week no sign of a new Q. (daughter of V.V.Q.)
So I gave the bees some eggs from Bl/Ye who wouldn't miss them. Today  the bees hadn't started to build a new Q. from the gifted eggs BUT I found eggs and small larvae. So, Red Q. daughter has started a new colony. (Hope
she's as good as her mother!).Depends on the drone quality she met in the
Silver Nuc. -moved blue Q (2015) into polynuc on 2 July as her colony had
built 2 excellent Q cells and threatened to swarm.However, blue Q has disappeared. BUT, the bees have made 2 very nice Q cells in the nuc.
Nucs must be fed with sugar syrup to help them build new comb for their young Q. to lay her eggs in.
At dusk, feeding Rednuc. Sugar:water 1:1.
In the photo above  you can see the feeder with bees clamouring for food. They have no foraging bees to collect nectar, until a new Q starts laying.

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