Friday, 30 June 2017

Warning message from NBU

A message from NBU reports colonies in some areas are starting to show high levels of mite presence eg. wing deformities and perforated cappings.
Find how to monitor colony mite population on p. 15 of "Managing Varroa"
booklet ( FERA). Varroa calculator is useful to calculate you estimated mite population. cfm
Treatments currently allowed (after honey crop removal): Apiguard, Apilife var, Thymovar. Only MAQS (formic acid base) (Mites Away Quick strips)
can be used while honey crop is still on the hives.
Apistan and Bayvarol are allowed but are getting some reports of mite resistance.

Queen Bee would never consider applying any chemicals while the honey
is still on the hives. Never....Ever....!

Big apiary inspection this weekend (if the weather behaves itself) -
stand by!

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